[DOCS] Project "Magic Book"

Ivan Tomek ivan.tomek at acadiau.ca
Mon Feb 10 23:45:17 UTC 2003


I think that this project needs people like you - true 'beginners'. That's
one of the major categories of people I think the documentation is going to
address, and experts mostly cannot really understand beginners' minds. In XP
terms, you are a customer and you should help formulating the tasks.


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> >>doing documentation is somewhat 
> considered to be a ''dummies'' job by many while at the same time in
> fact being a hard job.
> Personally, I've always thought the reason that support documentation
> for various programming languages was so poorly done was because many
> programmers tend to be talented in the 'left brain' activities while
> somewhat lacking in the 'right brain' areas. Aka. Those who 
> are talented
> in math and science are not always talented in the verbal 
> skills areas.
> Writing is a talent that should be respected too, and yes, it is every
> bit as hard to create technical or non-technical 
> documentation as it is
> to create a programming product. 
> I'm sorry that I don't know enough Squeak to help, but at this point,
> I'm following the discussions and working on my knowledge of other
> environments. I'm not talented in programming (read that math
> challenged); I enjoy the exercise of learning. I need effective
> documentation in order to learn a language. I am the 
> programmer's worst
> nightmare. I am the person who reads the manuals!
> Thanks for trying to do something for the sake of people like me...
> Rachel

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