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Tim Rowledge tim at sumeru.stanford.edu
Tue Feb 11 00:12:47 UTC 2003

Ivan Tomek <ivan.tomek at acadiau.ca> appears to have written:

> Yes. I think my point was that it is good to have an idea of what one wants
> to do and perhaps even write it down in an organized way, but it's probably
> going to change a lot as the project evolves and the manual may then share
> the usual fate of documentation - fall behind, never catch up, describe
> something else than the real thing.
Indeed that is often the fate of any documantation, sadly. I suppose we
can only hope that
a) it would help get things going in the right dorection
b) get re-read later and remind people just what it was originally
supposed to do (sometimes gets forgotten...)
c) finally gets rewritten to reflect how to make good use of the end

Golly, sounds like real engineering doesn't it :-)


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