[unix][vm] 3.4gamma1

Ian Piumarta ian.piumarta at inria.fr
Tue Feb 11 00:25:57 UTC 2003


I've just put a 3.4gamma1 Unix VM in the usual place [1] with
tarballs/rpms of source, binaries (386 and ppc) and the image (3.4g1-5168)
from which the core VM was generated.  This VM is stable and is the one I
intend to ship as 3.4-1 when the "3.4 final" image arrives.



[1] http://www-sor.inria.fr/~piumarta/squeak

	3.4-gamma1 RELEASE NOTES

I hope that this will be the last release of the VM in its current
form.  A major overhaul has been underway to add support for MacOSX
and to modularise large parts of the support code.  Active development
has ceased in 3.4 and moved to 3.5, although bug-fix releases of 3.4
will continue to be made as necessary in the short term until 3.5 is
considered stable.

Major changes since 3.2-5:


  The core VM is generated out of a 3.4a-5169 (3.4gammeOne) image.

  IMPORTANT NOTE for Croquet users: binary releases of this VM will
  NOT run the latest version of Croquet.  The 3.4 image is missing
  some BitBlt and Float support required by Croquet.  The support code
  is entirely compatible though, so regenerating the VM core from
  within a Croquet image and then recompiling will yield a VM capable
  of running Croquet just fine.

  Subtle directory deletion bug eliminated.  (Thanks to Ned Konz.)

  The peer address is filled in correctly after reception of a UDP
  packet.  (Thanks to Stefan Kersten.)

  The `-secure' option has been removed.

  On PowerPC machines (only) mod2 (the Option key) is mapped to Option
  and mod3 (the Command key) is mapped to Command.  (On other
  architectures the mapping remains as before: mod1 and mod2 mapped to
  Option and Command.)


  Updated OpenGL code for B3DAcceleratorPlugin.  _Many_ thanks to Bert
  Freudenberg for this.

  OSProcessPlugin updated to 3.0.5.  Thanks to Dave Lewis for keeping
  me up to date with his progress.

  The FFIPlugin now comes with built-in support for SVr4-like APIs
  (GNU/Linux, BSD, etc.) on PowerPC and Intel x86, and for the Mach-O
  (Darwin) API on PowerPC.  There is no longer any dependency on
  libffi on these platforms.  Fallback to using libffi is retained for
  other platforms.

  DragDrop changes for Darwin/Quartz.  (Note that the Quartz window
  code that uses it will bundled starting with version 3.5-1, so don't
  go looking for it in 3.4.)


  The build is using autoconf-2.52 for the moment, since there are
  severe problems with 2.54-generated configure scripts (which refuse
  to create a working libtool on Darwin).

  Builds out of the box on Darwin, either headless or with X11 support
  (tested with XDarwin on darwin6.2).  NOTE: there are still
  bugs in autoconf (more precisely, in aclocal and libtool) concerning
  darwin.  If you rebuild the configure script (by running `autoconf'
  or `make' in the config dir) then the resulting configure script may
  not work (the build will fail when trying to create shared libs for
  external plugins).  If you are affected by this then I can send you
  my patched versions of ltcf-c.sh and aclocal.m4.  You have been
  warned!  (On the other hand, the autoconf supplied with Darwin works
  perfectly on all the systems that I've tested it on.)

  Numerous small changes in several places in the sources for Darwin

  Problems with libGLs that depend on libpthread should be fixed.

  MAXHOSTNAMELEN defaults to 256 when necessary (for ancient Solaris
  systems that fail to define it anywhere).

  Type of sizeIfFile corrected to squeakFileOffsetType.  (Many thanks
  to Alain Fischer for spotting this.)

  Link errors in sqUnixMozilla on BSD should no longer occur.

  Removed the majority of the ridiculous dependencies in the RPM.

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