Mythical small kernel images?

Jon Hylands jon at
Tue Feb 11 01:01:09 UTC 2003

On Mon, 10 Feb 2003 16:38:14 -0800, Tim Rowledge <tim at>

> My hope was to (ab)use the Environment work to build a sub-environment
> into which I could write the class tree I really wanted and then (as you
> did) Trace it out. I wasn't worried about the SystemTracer work since
> I've probably commited more EvilHacks(tm) with the tracer than most
> people could ever have nightmares about. If everything can work in a
> subenvironment and be created using the normal tools then the remaining
> hard work is simply a matter of designing the class hierarchy :-)


Eric got this working when he did the initial Pocket Smalltalk port into
Squeak ...


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