[DOCS] Project "Magic Book" AND Re: Re-doing Morphic

Jerry Balzano gjbalzano at ucsd.edu
Tue Feb 11 02:50:01 UTC 2003

Between the "Magic Book" thread and the "Re-doing Morphic" thread, it's
enough to attract me back to Squeakdom (lurking extendedly I've been) and
even seriously consider volunteering for this project.  My attraction to
the two threads comes from their both being of interest to
students/learners (yes I know we are all learners), but I think the two
threads interact in other interesting ways too.  For example, I wonder how
much this "Magic Book" should focus on doing things with etoys.  "Cruft",
or "Cutting Edge" of Squeak/Smalltalk?

			-Jerry Balzano

P.S. As much as I respect Andreas' expertise AND wisdom, I did think his
Morphic "stink bomb" was more than a little glib, and I was relieved to see
Steven Swirling take issue with it some.  I'd like to see more (friendly!)
exchange on all these important matters.

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