Re-doing Morphic ( Was: Re: Traits prototype image )

Daniel Joyce daniel.a.joyce at
Tue Feb 11 06:49:42 UTC 2003

> One direction I was recently thinking about is this: it wouldn't take
> too much to make a "separate but equal" Morphic hierarchy, with some
> minimal behavior to make it play with the existing Morphic API. Start
> at NewMorph or something, and build the widgets you really want. Then
> move, copy, or port over the bits of the existing Morphic that you
> want to keep.
> This way you can keep Morphic itself running (the World loop, the
> event handling, etc.) while making new, lean & mean, stuff.
> There is no reason, after all, that you have to inherit from Morph.
> (yes, I think that the isKindOf: tests in HandMorph need to go).
> Anyone up for this?


Time to grab a new squeak I think... <:)


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