BobsUI 3.0b on SqueakMap, plus future directions

yampa at yampa at
Tue Feb 11 08:59:33 UTC 2003

I have loaded an update to BobsUI 3.0, which is now 3.0b.  This release includes:

- Fixes the bugs that were reported to me, (except the Morphic Wrapper problem).

- Improved list and drop down list components.  All components are now usable with keyboard navigation.

- Enable/disable components.

- Panels can be swapped dynamically at runtime.

- Components can be added dynamically at runtime.

- A big pass through the code to clean it up a bit.

Here is a general idea of what I will try to do with it in the next year.

3.0c - Preparing the way for internationalization by isolating string literals into their own XML documents.  This, by the way, will break any window written in the current BobsUI.  I will look at ways to do this less catastrophically, but I can't guarantee that any window written today will work on 3.0c.  

- Documentation  I will put the first documentation on 3.0 out on the BobsUI swiki page.

After 3.0c, the BobsUI XML should be fairly stable, and so I would encourage the people who want a standard widget set to begin looking at it at this point.  (Or you can look at it now, but don't write anything you want to keep)

3.0d - Better validation, error handling, and conversions between text fields and their models.

- Menus

- Any other small things I can think of.

3.0  - The official release will add the development/runtime split.  There will be separate SqueakMaps for development and  runtime images.  There may be a packaging tool for unloading developed code into a changeset, for convenient loading into a runtime image.

3.1?  - I would like Zurgle theme support for BobsUI sometime. 

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