Mythical small kernel images?

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Tue Feb 11 13:04:25 UTC 2003


I got a little confused by your "Hello Goran:" so I responded a bit
silly to the list. Anyway, after searching my Celeste folder with good
stuff from the mailinglist I came up with my answer to Russel Allen on
the subject, repeated below.

The VirtualHome project is very much sleeping/dead now btw. ;-)

regards, Göran

Ok, here we go. First you go to:

...and download the source package. When we deploy "VH" we essentially
do this:

1. Read and follow comment of VHUtilities>>stripAndSave
2. Run stripAndSave. The strip method is something I gobbled together
from Swiki etc. Don't ask me for details... :-)
3. Run the "deploy script" which is just a simple bash script. Nothing

I use this on a Debian box for packaging zips for both Linux and Win32.
You can also see the .bat files etc for starting up "different apps"
using the same image.

Mail me if you have questions.

regards, Göran

Russell Allen <russell.allen at> wrote:
> goran.hultgren at wrote:
> > Well, we have some deployment scripts working with 3.2 for both Windows
> > and Linux.
> > We keep all tools, morphic and networking in the image.
> > 
> > It will land you around 5-6 for the image and as a total "installer" at
> > 3-3.5 Mb zip.
> > 
> > Perhaps you could tweak it further. Just say "Hit me" and I can post a
> > .cs with the relevant methods and some other files showing how we do it.
> Hi Goran,
> I'd love to be able to get a copy of those scripts...
> Russell

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