Image Builder (Re: Mythical small kernel images?)

Tim Rowledge tim at
Tue Feb 11 20:58:41 UTC 2003

"PhiHo Hoang" <phiho.hoang at> appears to have written:

>         1/-  34 classes with 0 instances  (so shouldn't be in the image):
completely wrong. Just for one example, if you want to have integers you
need the integer branch of the hierarchy available SmallInteger
(probably Large*Integer as well), Number, Magnitude, Object. Oh and you
need Class and thus Metaclass, ClassDescription, Behavior etc. in
order to have methods to run (so you need CompiledMethod,
MethodDictionary - and Dictionary, Set, Collection). Then again if you
want to have almost any control structure avaialble you need True and
False and thus Boolean. MethodContexts and BlockContexts are rather
useful in actually running code, so ContextPart has to come along.
Unless one proposes a single threaded system you might like Process (and
thus Link and ProcessorScheduler and Semaphore - bringing in LinkedList
and SequencableCollection)

It takes a village, of sorts, to make a child image.


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