Re-doing Morphic ( Was: Re: Traits prototype image )

Anthony Hannan ajh18 at
Tue Feb 11 22:32:12 UTC 2003

Andrew Berg <andrew_c_berg at> wrote:
> For those of you who have not used Delphi ...[snip]
> Normal component behavior is modified by callbacks, which in Delphi are
> done as pointers to members of Object Pascal types.
> It seems to me that closures are the perfect way to do this in Smalltalk, 
> but the little bit of playing that I've done with them suggests that they 
> don't work quite right by default.  Also, there have been a bunch of 
> messages (that I didn't quite follow) about closures on this list.  Is this 
> a subject that is going to get more or less straghtened out any time soon?

Yes, true closures are now finally available for Squeak.  See


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