CocoaSqueak, the bridge and SourceForge

Marcel Weiher marcel at
Tue Feb 11 23:48:07 UTC 2003

Hi folks,

apologies for being out of touch for a while, I have quite a bit on my 
plate, and sadly my day + night jobs don't really involve any squeaking.

There is no conspiracy to remove the Objective-C bridge, in fact, the 
code is still sitting pretty just as it used to do.  My guess is that 
the problem comes from doing a VMMaker-build and not properly tweaking 
the output, an obviously error-prone process.

The reason I took down the sources is that the ones that were there 
were incomplete and therefore don't build out of the box, because of 
two missing files.  By the time I noticed, I had already torn 
everything apart in order to create a SourceForge-compatible 
file-/directory-structure, and at pretty much that time my 
work-workload multiplied rather nastily.

Anyway, I re-started the SourceForge restructuring effort yesterday, 
but it will probably still take a bit.

Apologies again,


Marcel Weiher				Metaobject Software Technologies
marcel at
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