BobsUI 3.0b on SqueakMap, plus future directions

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Wed Feb 12 01:56:55 UTC 2003

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> On Tuesday 11 February 2003 12:59 am, yampa at wrote:
> - Fixes the bugs that were reported to me, (except the Morphic
> Wrapper problem).

>Why are Morphic Wrappers required for BobsUI?

To keep the development and runtime functions seperate.  When BobsUI windows run, they act like components written in any other dull business app building tool.  You can't do things like bring up a halo or an inspector on them.  

However, during development, the developer needs halos, menus, and other interactive things, like the ability to drag and drop components onto windows.  While it looks like the developer is manipulating the components, they are components wrapped in their own Morphic Wrappers.  The halos, menus, and everything else you are using belong to the wrapper, not the component.  So when you package a runtime production image, only the components, other necessary bobsUI code, and your objects, get packaged.  What is in the wrappers isn't needed.

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