Closure Compiler

Stephen Pair spair at
Wed Feb 12 00:54:12 UTC 2003

Along these lines, I'd like to echo the comment that Stephane (I think)
made a couple weeks back that we begin using SmaCC.  This might be a
good opportunity to do that.

- Stephen

Daniel Vainsencher wrote:
> Hi Anthony. 
> It's finally happening - we're getting closures... THANK YOU!
> A couple of questions relevant to getting it in the image:
> 1. Do you see us having yet another compiler in the image, 
> coexisting with the regular one? If not, what do you propose 
> to do? 2. Other than that, and needing new VMs, is there 
> anything else that needs to change?
> Daniel
> Anthony Hannan <ajh18 at> wrote:
> > Stephane Ducasse <ducasse at> wrote:
> > > So now Tim, Andreas, Dan, Ian, what is the way to go?
> > > It would be good not to have the ClosureCompiler as an external
> > > changeset but been used in the image.
> > 
> > I know the closure compiler is a lot to review, but most of 
> it is new 
> > benign code which can be turned off with the closure compiler 
> > preference.  The only real changes it makes to the image are to 
> > Exceptions and some changes to Debugger and ContextParts.  
> So you may 
> > just want to concentrate on reviewing these in 3-ContextEnh-ajh.cs.
> > 
> > Let me just say that I am confident that the entire closure 
> compiler 
> > changesets are safe to add to the main image.
> > 
> > Cheers,
> > Anthony

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