Mythical small kernel images?

Tim Rowledge tim at
Wed Feb 12 03:16:17 UTC 2003

"Alejandro F. Reimondo" <aleReimondo at> appears to have written:

> I have an Image model and it can fileIn code...
> Simple steps:
Hmm, interesting. I've been able to build an Environment and persuaded
ClassBuilder to create classes 'within' it.
> [*] Note that in a child image the ProtoObject class inherits from
>  a normal class in Squeak (e.g. Object);
Using an environment we can actually make subclasses of nil quite easily
and having aanother class 'Object' is wierd seeming but feasible. Aside
from getting sidtracked by the compiler bug stopping me installing a top
environment (I'll be able to spell that without having to stop and think
by the end of this thread!) I was getting a bit puzzled by the prospect
of making the metaclasses be correct; I think I'm right in thinking that
the metaclasses created for my new classes were actually subclasses of
the Metaclass in the top environment. Eventually of course we would want
to make our own class 'Metaclass' within our environment and then
recompile all previous classes to correct the problem. Somewhere in
there is a recursion that hurts my brain. Maybe your approach of having
some special bootstrap code is better!

I really want to see your code!


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