Pink Plane vs Blue Plane

diegogomezdeck at diegogomezdeck at
Wed Feb 12 09:53:22 UTC 2003


Seeing the diferrent opinions (and the energy spent) in the thread "Re-
doing Morphic" I realized of (at least) two differents points-of-view for
the future of Squeak.

It's exactly what Alan call "Pink vs Blue Plane"

- some of us want a stable/well-documented/ansi-
- and other of us want to see the next paradigm shift

These goals are, imho, incompatible between them.  If we want to see the
next shift, let's forget about compatibility, stability, documentacion,
etc.  On the other side, if we want to see a "solid" smalltalk to
create "standard" business applications, let's forget about eToys, Croquet,

I have not a clear position on it but if I'm force to choose I'll choose to
work in the next paradigm shift. Meanwhile we can use another Smalltalk to
create "standard" applications.


Diego Gomez Deck

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