Core image (was RE: Mythical small kernel images?)

goran.hultgren at goran.hultgren at
Wed Feb 12 09:36:04 UTC 2003

Hi all!

"Alejandro F. Reimondo" <aleReimondo at> wrote:
> I feel that evolution of celular images and proliferation in an
>  object medium is a direction not followed yet.
> If we only want to do the same of the people that are
>  imitanting objects we will return to past. (and they will
>  say that are more near to objects [again])
> Sometimes I see that we produce fisures in our pretty
>  globe of smalltalk to return to water...
> Oviously our intentions are noble but the effects are
>  that we does not invert effort in developing a real
>  (virtual) Object Technology.

Yes, I agree with you (I think). This is a bit offtopic but anyway, one
example that I would like to defend a bit in this respect:

SqueakMap. I designed and built it so that it would be very simple and
have no other dependencies than the base image. So I use very simple
"bread and butter" technology like HTTP, a filelog for persistence
instead of some db, a web UI etc.

I could have made it much more "objectish" like using Magma and/or some
form of object RPC (rST etc) or "remote memories" like Stephen Pair is
working on and so on, and in the future perhaps we will move it onto
such techologies. Perhaps I did the right decision, perhaps not - I
don't know.

We do fall back on "the old ways" or "how everyone else is doing it"
more often than we think. Swiki is one example - why do we love HTTP so
much? I mean - it really sucks. ;-) We have this ultracool multimedia
environment and the best we have come up with for collaborative
authoring is Swiki? Hmmmm. ;-) Well, you get my point.

regards, Göran

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