Minimal Image and Morph

goran.hultgren at goran.hultgren at
Wed Feb 12 10:17:23 UTC 2003

Jimmie Houchin <jhouchin at> wrote:
> With all this wonderful and interesting talk about minimal images and 
> cleaning up morph, I had a question.
> Would one of these supershrunk images (as small possible, but as large 
> as necessary) be able be become the basis or a basis for building 
> 3.5/3.6 image. Take the minimal image, make it a kernel image and then 
> add SM Packages and run.

This is the long term plan and has been since OOPSLA 2002. But it isn't
easy and it will take time.

This is also the obvious reason for not accepting any more additions
into the image unless they are bugfixes or enhancements that doesn't
really add stuff.

New tools, new classlibraries, applications etc should be packages on

regards, Göran

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