Pink Plane vs Blue Plane

Giovanni JJ Giorgi jj at
Wed Feb 12 12:43:19 UTC 2003


diegogomezdeck at wrote:

>It's exactly what Alan call "Pink vs Blue Plane"
>- some of us want a stable/well-documented/ansi-
>- and other of us want to see the next paradigm shift
>These goals are, imho, incompatible between them.  If we want to see the
It Depends.
I think we can get a good eToy with a solid and buisness Smalltalk.
As Linux project does, we can have two truck: a stable truck and a 
developement truck.
But, note: we do not shift from stable to devel in a regular, linear 
So we can have Croquet on the developement truck and shift the stable 
things back to the other stable truck when the time come....

I love the paradigm shift but I want also a usable Morphic/Croquet!!

Ciao ciao!

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