Pink Plane vs Blue Plane

goran.hultgren at goran.hultgren at
Wed Feb 12 13:22:10 UTC 2003

Hi all!

Just wanted to say that IMHO pink and blue can coexist happily *as long
as we have a good package system handling the dependencies and
everything is turned into packages*. Period. Don't believe me? Then look
at Debian.

Debian has about 10000 packages with many packages that can be used
"instead" of others. Manu UIs, many windowmanagers, many lowlevel
graphic layers, many different kernels, many kernel modules, many
drivers, yaddayadda...

Some packages are bleeding edge research stuff and others are boring
rock solid bread and butter. So? It doesn't matter.

BUT... if Squeak linger on in the monolithical world then sure -
"battles" like this are inevitable to consume our energy.

So, my advice: If you can come up with fixes, enhancements, refactorings
or even a brand new reimplementation of Morphic (or whichever part of
Squeak). Then by all means DO IT. We will gladly accept it into

And regarding the discussion itself - please remember that Morphic is an
attempt to make something NEW - not yet-another-UI-toolkit. That doesn't
mean we can't have those too - and we already have a bunch!

regards, Göran

PS. The discussion on how to build software (which this essentially has
turned into) - using a declarative approach (code, specifications) or by
instance composition - is a very interesting question. But it can not be
"won" in either direction. So let's just keep exploring *both* venues.

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