Morph cleaning proposal

diegogomezdeck at diegogomezdeck at
Wed Feb 12 16:12:26 UTC 2003

Hi guys...

We [1] are interested in performing the famous cleaning process of Morph
hierarchy.  We want to expose our ideas/limitations/questions.


- We'll create a page on swiki with the ideas of cleaning.  Examples of
cleaning tasks are: remove of direct accessing of variables, template
methods for the creation of halos to avoid unnecesary ones, etc

- We'll spend a short(?) period of time to create a tentative list of tasks

- We want to publish a lot of small pieces instead of a big one. In this
way, if we cann't finish the work somebody can continue from this point
- The state of the process will be informed in the swiki.


- We'll use our free time to do that. Don't expect big changes in short time

- We know about morph, but our initials are not DI, AR, JM or AK. So we
need support from the community

- We don't want a signed contract, but a small warranty that our work will
be used could motivate us


- How the community consider using Traits?  Could be a good point to test
the Trait concept, but if in the short future we decide Traits are not the
way to go we'll waste a lot of effort.

- Guys at Bern: What about the stability of the current traits implementation?
Do you expect too much changes?


Diego Gomez Deck

[1] We=German Morales, Jose Laiolo, Diego Gomez Deck and probably some

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