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Daniel Vainsencher danielv at
Wed Feb 12 01:55:50 UTC 2003

Hey Chris, it's a good idea! I think that using the existing resources
(list and Swiki) gives the project a better chance of being seen and
making a difference.

Here're a few things that could use improved documentation:
* SqueakMap has documentation pages, but they're not under the
documentation section of the Swiki. I'm also not sure the documentation
that exists is perfect for a new user... get something good in there.
* There are a few projects that have recently gained in importance for
distributing Squeak code - DVS, SAR come to mind. These are also not
covered in there (AFAICT).
* Like Lex says in a comment at,
that page and the topic list in the Doc section of the first page should
be somehow merged.

I've noticed some people are already turning up with questions about
various existing docs and examples, and I think this is great - I think
we suffer much more from our docs being to disorganized and
not-quite-up-to date than from lacking Docs. So just roaming over all
the documentation and reading it and trying things out, and fixing what
doesn't work is a really great way of making it better.

Since there are people working on it already, it might be a good idea to
add a swiki page for comments on the state of docs. This should prevent,
for example, that 3 people all go through the same examples, while some
other part isn't checked at all.

Anyway, god speed to all that are participating, it's an important task.


Chris Burkert <christian.burkert at> wrote:
> Hi Stephane
> Stephane Ducasse wrote:
> > Hi chris
> > 
> > The first cool thing to do would be to have: a class comment for each  
> > class and
> > two examples on the class side.
> This would be really cool, but it should be split into small pieces. So 
> for example document morhic. On the other hand it should be easy to 
> remove all the class comments and example methods to get the image small.
> > With that included into the Squeak image this would be great.
> > Note that the examples could be SUnitied so that we could be 100% sure  
> > that they are correct and the classes is up and running. But apparently  
> > other community understood what we are missing all the time.
> While this would be fine we should give newbies a kind of documentation 
> they know. Most of the new squeakers I know think that squeak should 
> present itself in a manual form like other languages do (think of PHP). 
> Not everybody will take a look at class comments and I think that the 
> main documentation should be at some other place.
> Regards
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