Anybody want to help us Guides fix a process bug? (was: Re: [ Fwd: Package Loader version filtering ...

Withers, Robert rwithers at
Wed Feb 12 16:41:29 UTC 2003

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> From: Daniel Vainsencher [mailto:danielv at]

> So what we need is this - a patch to SMLoader such that it accepts all
> packages for it's own version, and, if it's own version ends with
> 'alpha', also all package for the previous version. Where previous
> version should correctly handle nonobvious cases like 4.0. 
> One approach
> is to store a list of "X's previous version was - Y". Another angle
> might be a patch to Squeak that remembers what it's previous version
> was, though I'm not sure that should be in the base image.

Why couldn't we just present the latest version of any package as being
suitable for loading in any later version image?  If a package becomes
outdated, we could 'close' its version stream.


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