[ANN] relief: a demo of a minimal Squeak installer/starter

Alan Kay Alan.Kay at squeakland.org
Wed Feb 12 17:04:31 UTC 2003

Thanks Craig --

I should also direct interested folks to the similar mechanisms used 
at http://www.squeakland.org to provide downloads and installations 
for the "Squeak as used by children" -- Michael Reuger did the nice 
job here.




At 12:08 AM -0800 2/12/03, Craig Latta wrote:
>	Please take a look at:
>	http://netjam.org/relief
>It shows how you can start Squeak by simply visiting a web page. I'd
>love to hear comments!
>	It only works on win32 currently. I was going to wait until I'd ported
>it to all the other Squeak host platforms before mentioning it, but what
>the heck. :) I expect someone else to have done this within ten minutes.
>	The act of visiting the page invokes Alejandro's "fractal plants"
>snapshot locally, with PhiHo Hoang's modular version of the virtual
>machine ("MobVM"), via an automatically-run loader of size 24KB (a very
>portable 200-line C program).
>	I can imagine an extensible image starting up instead; I don't think
>there'd be much more time or space involved. I think something like this
>demo should be how Squeak is distributed and activated. I think it'd be
>a lot easier for neophytes to deal with than the current mechanisms,
>since it hides all the platform-specific details of archival, transfer,
>and execution behind a web page hit.
>	It's called "relief" in commemoration of the way I feel when Squeak
>starts and the host platform vanishes. :)
>	I did this work as part of a larger effort to produce a minimal
>snapshot (it's my current role as a Squeak "Guide"). That project is
>called "squat" (as in the American expression "diddly-squat", meaning
>nothingness :). If you have an interest in minimal snapshots, please
>join the Squat mailing list; see
>	http://netjam.org/squat
>	I'm hoping to capitalize on the current flurry of energy here on the
>main list. :)
>	Thanks!
>Craig Latta
>improvisational musical informaticist
>craig at netjam.org
>Smalltalkers do: [:it | All with: Class, (And love: it)]


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