relief: a demo of a minimal Squeak installer/starter

PhiHo Hoang phiho.hoang at
Wed Feb 12 18:08:07 UTC 2003

Michael Rueger wrote:

> Wouldn't it make sense to use the existing plugin architecture for this? 
> Except for Mac OS 9 the plugin is independent of VM and image and very 
> small.
> All you would need to do is to build an installer that includes the 
> minimal VM and image you used instead of the current almost kitchen sink 
> plugin image and VM.

    I think Craig's demo is only trying to show a proof  of concept.

    FWIW, being re-motivated by the Image Builder 
    (around the corner ?), if time permit, the next release 
    of MobVM should have these features enabled:
        1/- An [Image] section in SqMOM.ini, where a url for a 
             default image is specified along with parameters.

        2/- http url can be specified at the opening image file stage.

        3/- More capable SqM.exe.



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