A Question about Croquet's Philosophy on Multi-user 3D Environments...

Jack Johnson fragment at nas.com
Wed Feb 12 18:42:46 UTC 2003

Alan Kay wrote:
 > Great questions. Why don't you propose some scenarios for the issues
 > you think are most important.

 >> In auditorium settings you do not want your view blocked, nor to be
 >> located so far away from the activity so that it cannot be seen,
 >> nor do you want positioning or sound interference. Should we
 >> provide presence and viewing w/o avatar representation for packing
 >> everyone in together?

I think this is a great idea.

It would be nice to have maybe an alternate avatar representation, like 
Tinkerbell(R), where your presence can be known but your physical volume 
is limited.  That way, as a presenter, you would know if you're speaking 
to ten people or ten thousand (the mind boggles), but in an interactive 
presentation ("Can I have a victim from the audience?") your presence 
avatar would become a traditional avatar for interactive purposes.



Tinkerbell(R) is a registered trademark of Walt Disney Corporation and 
copyrighted by this corporation, even though Tinkerbell(R) the fairy 
companion of Peter Pan(R) originated in the 1904 play PETER PAN by J.M. 
Barrie, seven years before the novel was published.

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