Mythical small kernel images?

Alejandro F. Reimondo aleReimondo at
Wed Feb 12 20:01:32 UTC 2003

Hi all,

> > I have an Image model and it can fileIn code...
> >
> > Simple steps:
> [snip]
> Hmm, interesting. I've been able to build an Environment and persuaded
> ClassBuilder to create classes 'within' it.
> > [*] Note that in a child image the ProtoObject class inherits from
> >  a normal class in Squeak (e.g. Object);
> Using an environment we can actually make subclasses of nil quite easily
> and having aanother class 'Object' is wierd seeming but feasible.

We make [child]ProtoObject class inherit from [Squeak]Object
 because we must send it messages while building the image.

The problem with defining this classes using ClassBuilder
 is that it refuses to build a class that redefine the
 classVariableNames: 'DependentsFields EventsFields '
 already defined by [Squeak]Object :-)

> Aside
> from getting sidtracked by the compiler bug stopping me installing a top
> environment (I'll be able to spell that without having to stop and think
> by the end of this thread!) I was getting a bit puzzled by the prospect
> of making the metaclasses be correct; I think I'm right in thinking that
> the metaclasses created for my new classes were actually subclasses of
> the Metaclass in the top environment. Eventually of course we would want
> to make our own class 'Metaclass' within our environment and then
> recompile all previous classes to correct the problem. Somewhere in
> there is a recursion that hurts my brain. Maybe your approach of having
> some special bootstrap code is better!

The connection between classes and metaclasses
 are realized while building the image (tracing).

> I really want to see your code!

I want to share, but part of the tools are used for a private
 project and can´t be made public as is.
(hope you understand the point, I really want to share)


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