Squeak mentioned in "Open Source High-level Languages in Your Neighborhood"

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Squeak is mentioned in this article. Unfortunately the information is not


Open Source High-level Languages in Your Neighborhood
By Thomas Gutschmidt


Smalltalk and Squeak

Created by the Software Concepts Group (i.e. Xerox) Smalltalk is considered
the quintessential object-oriented language. True to it.s name, Smalltalk
has a pocket version for the Palm OS (http://www.pocketsmalltalk.com/), and
is also the father of another language making strides, Squeak.

Squeak is a Smalltalk implementation. The core development team resides at
Disney, who helped develop the language, but is also backed by IBM and Paul
Allen.s Interval Research Lab. Squeak is unique in that it has three
authoring environments. The first is aimed at five year old children, a
second for adults, and third for deep programmers. who want to fiddle with
the inner workings of the language.

Disney has used Squeak to build a few children.s applications, but the
language itself is open source. Other folks who play with Squeak include
UIUC, Georgia Tech, The Create project at UCSB, INRIA in France, and the
Univ. of Magdeburg. When researching Squeak be careful, there is another
language with same name used for mice communication.



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