relief: a demo of a minimal Squeak installer/starter

Craig Latta craig.latta at
Wed Feb 12 20:45:27 UTC 2003

Hi Chris, Torsten--

	Chris writes:

> ...c:\windows\temp is hardcoded as the target path, which doesn't
> exist on my system (c:\winnt\temp does, tho). Please don't let it
> fail silently.

	Indeed, this was just a quick hack to get feedback on the concept.
Thanks for persisting. :)  By the way, as another quick hack (for the
next five minutes, anyway :), I changed relief to just use c:\.

	Torsten writes:

> Kernel32.dll has a function called GetTempPath() as ANSI and Unicode 
> version, it's not necessary to hardcode this one.

	Thanks, I'll fix that...

	thanks again,


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