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Andrew Berg andrew_c_berg at
Wed Feb 12 22:26:13 UTC 2003

On Wed, 12 Feb 2003 18:06:58 +0300, Daniel Vainsencher 
<danielv at> wrote:

> To summarize - As we've seen, every time we get a new alpha out the door, 
> it has zero
> packages. This is because it is suddenly not prefix compatible with it's
> predecessor (3.5alpha does not being with the 3.4 tag), and so SMLoader
> doesn't pass all those nice package through it's filter.
> Which is pretty dumb, since the last gamma of 3.4 and the first alpha
> are, actually, precisely equivalent - we don't make big changes in
> gamma.


Is it important to rev the prefix before doing a release?  Where I work we 
would make a 3.4.99a for the 3.5 alpha, which is nice conceptually because 
the first 3.5 release is just 3.5.  It would, coincidentally, sort of work 
around your particular problem, too, and it would numerically be closer to 
what is really happening.


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