[DISCUSSION] Hidden and Open: O'Keefe as "everyman"

Richard A. O'Keefe ok at cs.otago.ac.nz
Thu Feb 13 01:56:32 UTC 2003

Alan Grimes <alangrimes at starpower.net> wrote:

So far, I've found:

    shift-click on Viewer brings up a Vocabulary instead;
    shift-click on Debug brings up an Inspector instead of a menu;
    shift-click on Eyedropper brings up an ObjectProperties sheet.

Other halo handles either ignore shift-click or do the same thing
they do with a plain click.

A Vocabulary seems to be some sort of browser.  I'm not sure what
you would do with it, but I imagine that people who do like a quick
way to get one.

If you make a Tile from a Morph, what is it actually _good_ for,
other than Menu|Hand me this object?

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