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Craig Latta craig.latta at netjam.org
Thu Feb 13 02:07:08 UTC 2003

Hi PhiHo--

	Tim writes:

> > We've tried it [on Acorn] and something is utterly frelled in the
> > [Acorn POSIX compatibility library] we tried to use. I might give
> > it a go with another library sometime but there's an awful lot on
> > my plate right now.

	You respond:

> This is understandable. Just thinking (aloud) whether Mac or Unix
> will be Reliefed next. ;-)

	What's the difference? :)

	Actually, I'm now well aware of the difference... I was working on the
MacOS X version a few weeks ago when a friend of mine talked me into
doing it in Objective-C ("with the Foundation classes it'll be three
lines!" :). But I haven't tested it; I was doing it on a borrowed
machine which I've since had to return. I'll probably let someone else
do that (I've gotten a couple of volunteers).

	I think I still lean toward doing it in plain old C, just relying on
POSIX and a few system calls (for exec'ing, etc.). So far the Obj-C
version is much bigger, and, of course, more prone to "shared library

	I want to regression-test my Mac-support version on win32, then I'll
make a source release. Since my friends spend more time these days on
Macs than other Unix boxen, it'll probably work on Macs a few minutes
sooner. :)


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