Pink Plane vs Blue Plane

Daniel Joyce daniel.a.joyce at
Thu Feb 13 03:32:10 UTC 2003

> A very laudable aim that a lot of people would agree with. So let's
> see some doc appearing instead of just more complaints! If you (not
> picking on Doug, this is the second person indefinite 'you') don't
> know about Morphic, doc part of the system you do know about. If you
> feel like you don't know any part of the system that well, review
> somebody else pdoc suggestions - after all it is supposed to _make_
> you understand. Or even point to places where you don't understand
> and  nominate it for docing. Let's make the sources file so full of
> comments that we have to worry about compressing it to fit on our
> disks!
> tim


"Here lie Monsters"

That should suffice for now...  ;)

The base event system in Squeak seems simple enough. Yet between morphic 
and handmorph, and all the others, it makes my head hurt just trying to 
figure how Morphic utilizes raw events to actually do something... >.<

I'm also trying to figure out the Morphic display tree right now, how 
events are passed up and down in Morphic...


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