Re-doing Morphic ( Was: Re: Traits prototype image )

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Thu Feb 13 08:50:16 UTC 2003

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> I was about to suggest this myself.  Most of my problems with Morphic
> objects isn't in adding new behavior, its that I can't subtract
> behavior I don't need.  ProtoMorph shouldn't need to be mush more
> than an event handing box, with the extentions dictionary and a halo.

>And the halos/etc should be built and returned by a factory >class that 
>inspects a given morph, looks at the methods, and returns some >nice 
>interfaces to them. Kinda what Morphic Wrappers does.



Yes, I have had problems with halos too.  I made a change to Morph, where I just gave it a setter method for halos, so I could switch halos dynamically.  

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