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Thu Feb 13 09:57:15 UTC 2003

Colin Putney <cputney at> wrote:
> On Wednesday, February 12, 2003, at 10:14  AM, cg at wrote:
> > Daniel Vainsencher <squeak-dev at> said:
> >
> >> What you want, I think, is a 'requires'/'provides' pair. A Squeak base
> >> release 'provides' some interface version, a package 'requires' some
> >> interface version. I'd decouple this from the published version 
> >> number,
> >> because with all the mods we're going to have on the 'outside' with
> >> little change on the 'inside' (just like now - two Squeak versions are
> >> internally the same) they are going to deviate quickly.
> >>
> >> Probably you want to match on as much detail as 'requires' provides. 
> >> So
> >> with current 3.5 Squeak providing '3.0', a package could require '3',
> >> '3.0', or even '3.0.1' (if there ever would be a 3.0.1 patch release).
> >> If you call this package 'base' or 'core', you'd have
> >> - Squeak 3.5alpha provides 'base-3.0'
> >> - Package foo (most packages, I think), require 'base-3'.
> A slight variation on this, which I think would work even better, would 
> be to make "requires" refer to an update number rather than a release. 
> So you'd get 'base-5968'.
> Of course, the next step would be to revamp update streams to 
> accommodation a package-oriented universe. Off the top of my head, I 

Yes, it is on the post-SM1.1-wishlist. ;-)

> think that would mean update streams for individual packages, and 


> streams which include Daniel's "levels of compatibility" data for each 
> update.

Hey, that was MY idea! And I want that "level of compatibility"
classification in SM1.1 but instead applied to package releases. It is
included in my Grand Plan To Conquer Dependencies. Coming soo... well,
sometime this spring at least - to an image near you! :-)

Also note that kernel images, plugins/libraries and VMs could also be
registered on SM and participate in the web of dependencies in the

So the current "Squeak versions" category will in the end probably go

regards, Göran

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