macintosh VM file naming standards

jmzajac2002 <jean-marie.zajac at> jean-marie.zajac at
Wed Feb 12 12:01:51 UTC 2003

> > With all these macintosh VM's floating about, I need some input on 
> > where the macintosh file naming standards should go. The current carbon
 >> macintosh VM   assumes HFS+ naming standards,
> > The two Cocoa/unix versions which will somehow merge with the carbon 
> > tree, somehow, use the unix  naming conventions.

I agree, it's somewhat perturbing to swap from carbon/HFS to Cocoa-X11/Unix names. HFS is not better than Unix conventions but it will be better to use the same names whatever the VM.
 The others things that are "pénible" (painful in english) in the different VM on mac: the diversity of keyboard coding; the keyboard "suppr" did not give always the same result; the accentuated characters are not always implemented.
It is only very, very  little thing but...
I suggest to reach a standard. My only interest, as Squeak's user, is the rapidity, the size of the VM. 

Jean-Marie Zajac

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