[ANN] Cassowary on SqueakMap

Giovanni JJ Giorgi jj at objectsroot.com
Thu Feb 13 12:01:43 UTC 2003

    Remember a bug on DVS if you used it to build the SAR.
The comments of your classes are left out by the SAR builded by DVS (and 
only by the SAR,  the DVS .st file is ok!).
If you use change set you may get some comments but...check your sar in 
an clean image!!
Bye bye

Joshua 'Schwa' Gargus wrote:

>Thanks for the help, Ned.
>Cassowary is now on SqueakMap.  You won't actually be able to download
>it for another 6 hours, because of the annoying way that my webspace
>at school works (changes made only show up the next morning).
>This is the same version that I sent out to the list quite some time

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