RedHat 8.0 dependency issue with Squeak-vm-3.4-gamma1.i386.RPM

Chris Becker chbecker at
Thu Feb 13 14:31:46 UTC 2003

Thank you Andrew, Ned, and Ian for your help.

After additional exploration I discovered that and are
already symlinked to, and and are
already symlinked to So much for an easy fix.

Ian, I can appreciate the effort you have put into getting the RPMs to work
under various *nix incarnations. You mention looking at the "provides" info
for the packages owning libm ... what program do you use to view this? I'm
very interested in fixing it since RPMs have the potential to make life so
much simpler for us in the long run. The third solution you mentioned seems
like the ideal one ("somebody figures the magic "Requires:" line to specify
semi-automatic dependencies").

Thank you all again for your help.

Chris Becker

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