[DISCUSSION] Hidden and Open: O'Keefe as "everyman"

Ned Konz ned at bike-nomad.com
Thu Feb 13 17:06:03 UTC 2003

On Wednesday 12 February 2003 11:09 pm, Bill Spight wrote:
> Dear Ned,
> > > > On Wednesday 12 February 2003 05:56 pm, Richard A. O'Keefe 
> > > > > If you make a Tile from a Morph, what is it actually _good_
> > > > > for, other than Menu|Hand me this object?
> Ned:
> > > > It can then be used as a noun in eToy scripts.
> Bill:
> > > It can? How? That's precisely what I tried to do yesterday, to
> > > no avail. (Using drag-and-drop, which worked with other tiles.)
> Ned:
> > You have to have a sentence already; you can replace its noun
> > (receiver or object) with the tile. Just drag the tile over the
> > old noun to change it.
> >
> > Open a viewer on some other object, and drag out the sentence
> > "SomeObject start script script1". Drop it on the desktop. Now
> > get a tile from another object; you can drop that tile on
> > SomeObject and change the receiver of the start script message.
> That sounds like what I did. Just to make sure, I tried again. I
> made a new RectangleMorph, opened a viewer on it, and dragged out
> the script. Then I made a new GoMorph, opened a viewer on it, got
> its tile, and dropped in on the script.
> Maybe my problem yesterday was not dropping it on the Rectangle
> tile. I dropped it right on there. Nothing happened to the script,
> except it had the Go tile sitting on in. No matter where I dropped,
> no effect.
> What's wrong?

I don't understand the problem, unless there's a bug somewhere.

I just did this successfully:

* make a Rectangle and an Ellipse.
* open up the Rectangle's viewer.
* pull out the sentence "Rectangle's color <- {red patch}"
* drop the sentence on the desktop; it becomes a script.
* get a tile for the Ellipse.
* drop the Ellipse tile on the Rectangle's tile in the script
* run the script: the Ellipse turns red.

Ned Konz

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