[ENH] MorphGeometryTweaks-efc

tblanchard at mac.com tblanchard at mac.com
Thu Feb 13 23:51:39 UTC 2003

Oh see now hang on here a second - I'm convinced that they already do 
the wrong thing.
You making it do the wrong thing more efficiently doesn't help my case 
any. ;-)

On Friday, February 14, 2003, at 12:22  AM, cottonsqueak at earthlink.net 

> from preamble:
> "Change Set:		MorphGeometryTweaks-efc
> Date:			13 February 2003
> Author:			Eddie Cottongim
> Changes the morph geometry methods #topLeft, #topRight, #bottomLeft, 
> and
> #bottomRight so that they result in #position being called only once.
> Also adds a number of method comments to the Morph geometry 
> methods."!<MorphGeometryTweaks-efc.cs.gz>

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