Geemail doc added to Swiki ( Was: RE: Pink Plane vs Blue Plane )

Richard A. O'Keefe ok at
Fri Feb 14 00:21:37 UTC 2003

"Brent Vukmer" <bvukmer at> wrote:
	Check out the "What the heck is a GeeMailMorph?"  page I just
	added to the Swiki (see

Nice.  Two comments.
(1) Spelling check, please. "Widgits" should be "widgets".
(2) There's a link to a project.  In Scamper, I clicked on the link,
    Scamper said that looks like a project do you want me to load it,
    I said yes, and
	Reading an instance of SearchingViewer.
	Which modern class should it translate to?
	Let me type the name now
	Let me think about it
	Let me find a conversion file on the disk

I was running Squeak 3.2.  (As I've noted before, that's what our
students will be using this new academic year.  Squeak 3.4 final was
released just a day or so _after_ our support people froze the set
of software that would be installed on the student machines.)

The first thing to do is to amend the page to say which version of
Squeak is needed:
    "(1) Alan's Geemail example Project for Squeak 3.6"
                                       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ or whatever.
If someone could produce a 3.2 version, I'd love to try it.

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