Geemail doc added to Swiki ( Was: RE: Pink Plane vs Blue Plane )

Richard A. O'Keefe ok at
Fri Feb 14 01:29:06 UTC 2003

	Why not read it in 3.4 and see if it enables you to create a 3.2 equivalent.
Why I _didn't_ read it in 3.4:
    because nothing there said I had to, and 3.4 final not yet being out,
    I'm mostly sticking with 3.2.

Why I want a 3.2 version anyway:
    I've already explained that.  My students will be using 3.2.

Why I don't want to create a version myself right now:
    because I've spent most of today reading Squeak mail and I was
    *supposed* to be finishing a paper about syllable frequency
    distributions as a way of detecting multiple authorship (I'm
    rubbishing it, but I have to crunch a lot of data in a lot of
    ad-hoc ways and it is taking far longer than I intended) and
    I'm *supposed* to be hacking on a data mining project and
    I'm *supposed* to be doing some 4th year administration and

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