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Fri Feb 14 01:52:48 UTC 2003

On Thursday, February 13, 2003, at 05:04  PM, Alan Kay wrote:
> I've been trying to figure out a practical way to capture a lot of the 
> "here's how you do x" in a form that others can use to make real 
> documentation.

The tutorial on the map project is really quite good as raw material.  
Only a couple places did you make a leap that assumed I knew where a 
control was that I didn't.

Anyhow it helped me a lot.

>      I've recently been really inspired by the Japanese response to 
> the etoys stuff (and to new ideas in general). They have gotten very 
> enthusiastic about the etoy approach and are starting to put it into 
> schools in Japan. What they do is to attend talks that we give and use 
> them as the basis for a really detailed summary of the ideas put 
> forth. One example that really overwhelmed us is a website, mostly 
> about the etoys stuff, done by Yamamoto-san (whom we haven't yet met) 
> that has literally hundreds of webpages of documentation in Japanese 
> and screen shots showing how to use etoys. This is so good and so 
> extensive that we are in the process of translating the site to 
> English in order to get this documentation!

self slap on: [:forehead |

Yes this makes perfect sense.  Japanese is an awful language for 
textual programming.  EToys with Japanese vocabs is quite possibly the 
best (only?) Japanese native language software construction environment 
around.  I can see the attraction.

-Todd Blanchard

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