[ENH] MorphGeometryTweaks-efc

Eddie Cottongim cottonsqueak at earthlink.net
Fri Feb 14 04:18:45 UTC 2003

Sounds good. Please note however that those morph methods we were talking
about are only supposed to adjust size in a simple, one time way. They
aren't intended to take on the entire task of layouts. For layout
management, you use LayoutPolocies, which implement some of the concepts
such as space-fill, shrink-wrap, etc. A GUI builder for Layouts and Morphs
would be welcome.

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> tblanchard at mac.com wrote:
> >
> >
> > Ever use Interface Builder? Geometry management is generally dead
> > simple. You place one component onto another component. The component
> > has internal and external struts and/or springs. Pick a strut and that
> > dimension stays constant. Pick a spring and it grows when its parent
> > grows.
> Todd's attempt to create character-graphics that depict the Interface
> Builder GUI leaves a lot to be desired (although it's probably about as
> good as can be done with character-graphics).
> I support Todd by saying that the Geomery management metaphore that the
> Interface Builder for NeXT used (and now Apple uses) really is the best
> I've ever seen for any GUI builder.
> A VisualWorks "goodie" that I often use gives me a second-rate
> approximation of it within the VisualWorks canvas tool, but even that is
> good enough to classify as the best I've ever seen on VisualWorks (while
> the Interface Builder original is even better).
> Nevin

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