SqueakMap proxy support?

Markus Fritsche Fritsche.Markus at gmx.net
Fri Feb 14 10:22:52 UTC 2003

> Eh, no. Please do. Send me the changeset and I will integrate. I am
> aware that stuff has been circling around regarding this issue but I
> haven't looked at it - or at least there have been discussions on this
> list I think.

Hmm, I found out that it's basically a question of not relying on
NetNameResolver. I remember that was an issue, that sometimes it's not
clear, when a server isn't reachable or it's name isn't resolvable? May
you want to change squeakmap-1.06.cs (the loader) so that it will take the
risk? And for SM Package Loader itself make a preference wether doing a
"(risky?) proxy support without double resolve" or "double resolve to
better detect servers being down"?

Regards Markus

Here's the snip that did the trick for me:

pingServer: aServerName
	"Check if the SqueakMap server is responding.
	We first make sure the name resolves - the #httpGet: had such a long
	timeout (and hanging?) for resolving the name."

	| url answer |
	url _ 'http://', aServerName, '/sm/ping'.
	answer _ HTTPSocket httpGet: url.
	^answer isString not and: [answer contents = 'pong']


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