[BUG] SM Package Loader

Jon <jon at huv.com> jon at huv.com
Fri Feb 14 14:28:25 UTC 2003

--- In squeak at yahoogroups.com, Markus Fritsche <Fritsche.Markus at g...> 
> >> Btw, why are they wired by their index? Wondering about lists and
> >> underlying  data, how do I sort the categories in the browser 
the way
> >> I want them to be  sorted?

Right click in the Class Categories view to bring up the menu, and 
choose "Reorganize"

You can move classes into and out of categories, and move entire 
categories around. Be careful, you don't want to mess it up... I 
would advise saving your image before you do this for the first 
little while.


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