End-user accessing Squeak "program" from a VT220 terminal?

Andy Stoffel Andrew.Stoffel at jenzabar.net
Fri Feb 14 15:45:18 UTC 2003

> Anybody know how to hook up a Squeak image to a VT220 terminal?


> I would like the "program" that the end-user is using to be 
> writting in  Squeak Smalltalk, but I'm not sure how to proceed 
> under this archaic and  ancient hardware architecture.

That's not "archaic"... it's "classic" :-) 

> Anybody got any ideas?

There's a telnet client in Squeak.... I don't think it can be a server....


Pretend it's an http session ? Except over port 23 ? And just strip 
out all of the html ?

Of course, if they are doing data entry that might not work....
unless you are willing to output vt220 graphics in your "program".
For which you'll need some documentation if you haven't done
that before....

And then there's the classic... have them use a text based web browser
(Lynx) on the machine they are connecting to and do your application as
a web application.... more or less.

Note: I would love to see how you actually do this if you don't go
the html route... :-).... 


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