[BUG] Set>>collect:

Daniel Vainsencher danielv at netvision.net.il
Fri Feb 14 16:14:26 UTC 2003

Just a few comments on what helps harvesting and what doesn't

> (2) The code for an improved String>>collect: was right there in the
>     message, but I am firmly opposed to putting such a thing where the
>     harvesters might see it until there has been some discussion about
>     whether it's a good idea.
This is a somewhat good idea. When/if you do send a message with a
[ENH], we won't know that there's been discussion. The way the fixes
archive works today, is that if you send all the posts with [ENH], it
creates a nice listing of all versions. The last might include
"Actually, this was a bad idea, ignore it", and that does reflect the
electron trail. So you might choose policy adaptively on how like you
think it is to be posted as an ENH eventually.

> (3) collect:into: was described for Set.  It would need to be implemented
>     for each Collection class that currently defines #collect:.
> But what is the point of writing it and posting it when we have been
> told (today) that things like that WON'T go into the next release?
If it really should be part of the class library's Collection, it should
be in the image. Post them, so they'll be collected into 3.5. If it's an
addon, don't post. Where we are in the release cycle shouldn't matter at
this point.

> And above all, when we've been told that there is a whole new refactored
> set of Collections using Traits?
That's not in yet. If every time someone announces they have something
nice, everyone else stops working within a 10 mile radius of it, we
won't get very far. 
A. Things take time to get in.
B. Sometimes they shouldn't, and don't, and it's better for all in the
long term if we have some competition.

> Give me a 90% probability that #collect:into: will be added to 3.4 final
> (if available in time) and I'll make the effort.
I won't give you a probability, it might just not be good enough. For
example, right now as AndrewB said the names are confusing. About the
target, is 3.5alpha good enough? 3.4 is gamma. Unless it's broken badly,
no new code goes in at that stage.

Daniel Vainsencher

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