RedHat 8.0 dependency issue with Squeak-vm-3.4-gamma1.i386.RPM

Ian Piumarta ian.piumarta at
Fri Feb 14 17:27:47 UTC 2003

Hi Marcelo,

> Why isn't this stuff included in the sources?

To disuade people from distributing binary packages built on random
(possibly badly-administered) machines, potentially from modified or stale
copies of the source code, which I then start receiving problem reports
about.  (The distribution-related stuff is also relatively non-trivial and
often "temperamental": if possible I'd rather avoid having to expend lots
of energy making it portable or "maintaining" it [or even trying to make
it comprehensible] for a wider audience than myself.)

OTOH, I'm not trying to prevent people from repackaging binaries should
they want/need to do so.  I have given out copies of the distribution
building stuff to anyone who asked for it in the past.  All the "missing"
makefiles, scripts, templates, specs, etc., are sitting right there in my
source tree on the web.  (The directories visible from the web are
precisely those to which I `rsync' my sources for safe keeping, and from
which I build all my distributions.  I'm not trying to invent Squeakgate:
there are no "missing secret files".)

> I'll start experimenting right now. Do you mean that I have to append
> the relevant lines to the Makefile in the bld directory?

Not quite: you have to include two separate (large) Makefiles into the
regular Makefile and provide some scripts that are run from the additional
rules.  (configure does this for me, but just ignores them silently if it
can't find them.)

I'll make you an archive of absolutely everything you need to build every
kind of distribution that I have the "technology" (read: sledgehammer ;)
to make, and some hints about which targets you'll want to invoke and how.  
(This will save you having to shift-click individually on a dozen or so
files and then guessing what to do with them.)

Watch this space...  (Give me 10 minutes or so.)



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