[Docs] Best info on Smalllint and Refactoring Browser?

German Morales germanmorales at delta-sys.com
Fri Feb 14 20:48:04 UTC 2003

It seems that Ken G. Brown wrote:
> Where is the best info on how to use Smalllint and the Refactoring
> Browser?

No idea.

> How do you run Smalllint on a Class?

I can give you some help here, do this:

LintDialog open

A window will appear, choose the categories you want to use, the checks,
the class categories, the classes, and press Run.

The dialog and SLint are enough easy to understand, and with the same lack
of information (but without asking, shame on me) I've created some
extensions (and I'm working on more) that perhaps will be helpful for you:


I've uploaded them just today. Perhaps the most interesting is "selecting
allSubclasses" of the selected classes.

Hope this helps,

German Morales

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