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Tim Rowledge tim at
Sat Feb 15 03:17:06 UTC 2003

Daniel Vainsencher <danielv at> appears to have written:

> If we learned something from the 3.3aModules, it is that for something
> to be accepted, it better come in small, edible bites. People should be
> able to play with it from the beginning. Keep it in mind when you plan
> your releases.
I certainly agree with the 'edible' part; I suspect that 'small' is
tightly related to the digestability.

It gets back to documentation again - if there is clearly understandable
explanations of the intent, architecture and implementation then people
will be able to understand. Then they can review and suggest
improvements. Others can make use of it. Finally, harvesters and guides
can see the value and feel motivated to spend their time (frequently in
very short supply even for those of us unencumbered by the burdens of
employment) to finish the packaging and actually release it.

As Adele Goldberg puts it "If it isn't documented it doesn't exist".

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